Questions and Answers

Who is behind Darmstadt kocht?
We're a group of locals who like cooking and meeting nice people.

When does the cooking event take place?
On Saturday, May 26, 2018.
→ First round will start at 6 pm
→ After the three courses, we will have a gettogether at around 11pm. (The place is not fixed yet, but we will tell you in time.)

I'm not free on that day, will there be another event?
If everything works out well, we try to organize Darmstadt kocht! twice a year. You can sign up for our newsletter to get the latest information.

Where does Darmstadt kocht take place?
The event takes place in shared accommodations, appartments, gardens etc in Darmstadt. After dinner there we will come together in the Schlossgarten.

How do I register for it?
Click on "Anmeldung" or "Registration" and fill out the form. We cannot guarantee to take all registrations as we depend on sufficient kitchens. First comes first serves.

Is the event for free?
Yes - it is absolutely free. You only need to buy food and drinks for your dish.

Can I register together with another person as a team?
Unfortunately not. It's the idea of Darmstadt kocht to meet as many new people as possible and this works the best if you don't know your cooking partner yet.

What's the schedule for the evening?
In the afternoon you should meet your partner to get the last ingredients and prepare your dish.
At 6 pm Darmstadt kocht starts with tasty starters at your first hosts. Leave their place in time to be able to reach your second host place for the main dish.
At 7:30 pm the main dish waits for you in appartment number two for you! Here you can spend a little more time before leaving for dessert in the last appartment.
At 9:30 pm you should be at your last station for dessert and maybe some drinks.
After 11 pm all participants meet in the Schlossgarten for talking and getting to know each other a little better.

How do I get a kitchen or an appartment with enough space?
Tick "I don't have space" in the registration form. Maybe you have enough space for a starter or dessert? Please tick "in case of emergency", as we need as many kitchens as possible. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a bigger kitchen, but we look for a partner with a kitchen for you. 

What happens after everybody ate his dessert?
After 11 pm we'll meet to chat und nicely end the day together.

I really want to cook but don't know any recipes.
If you want to learn some German check out these pages:
Or just ask Dad, Mum or your Grandparents.

Do I need to prepare a luxury dinner to participate?
No, of course not. We don't have any limitations for your dish, but an exceptional and especially good one makes your guests happy.

I don't eat porc/beef/meat at all!
In the registration form you can pick allergies, intolerances and meats you don't eat - not a problem!

Can we choose the appartments and the food?
Of course not. The idea is to get to know new people and new foods.

Somehow I cannot register!
Please send us an e-mail to anmeldung(at) and include all the information of the form!

I didn't get a confirmation yet.
You should get a confirmation mail shorty after your registration. If not please send us an e-mail.

How do I know when to be where with whom?
We'll send you a message till May 20 with all necessary information.

What do I need?
Appetite, the wish to meet new people and prepare a nice dish.

End of registration:
Registration ends on May 18 because we need to make teams and plan the event. If you register after that date we cannot promise that you can participate.