Conditions of Participation

For a pleasant evening, please consider following things:

We only bring together guests and host, the event itself is a private event. The registration on the website does not imply the right of participation, though we try to find a cooking partner for each participant and prevent any problems during the evening. Still, we cannot exclude short term changes.

The participation is voluntary and free of charge. Every participant responsible for him - or herself. Please note, that you are guests at somebody's home and behave accordingly. As host, facing strangers, of course you still have every domiciliray right. We cannot take any responsibility for your guests.

Please answer the questions entirely and truthfully, only then we can find a proper cooking partner. With your registration you agree that we will forward your personal data to your cooking partner. In case some course is at your flat, your address will also be shared with your guests.

We try to minimize the paths between the courses but we cannot guarantee it. You will be only getting the addresses from us, plan your route before the evening and also think about how you want to get to each course. Please be in time to avoid any delays during the evening. If you need a bicycle, you should consider renting one at or in the worst case, contact us via mail.